Tales of the Adventure Traveler

Tales of the Adventure Traveler

Arnau, the Adventure Traveler, is a friend and former student. We met when he was a wiseass 13-year-old. He is now an accomplished polyglot, working in advertising and using his fluent English on a daily basis. His love of travel, culture, and people have motivated his interest in learning English ever since he was young.


This blog post explains his method and approach to his particular style of adventure travel.


One of the greatest achievements a teacher can make is to positively affect a student’s life for the long-term. What I mean by that is to offer them a different perspective, or a new way of thinking. Or, it could just be the confidence and support to help move them in the direction of their hearts. Sometimes they go for it, and sometimes they don’t. Thankfully, Arnau listened to me and many others in his life who told him, “Go for it!”

The Adventure Traveler’s Log


CHAPTER 1The journey has begun!  


Traveling is great. Who doesn’t like traveling? We all enjoy being abroad, away from our routines. We have the opportunity to be far from the preoccupations and concerns of our comfort zone, which can sometimes be anything but comfortable.  


Planning the trip might be the most uninteresting part. It is boring, deciding where to go, what to visit, booking accommodations, transportation, checking the best restaurants to eat at…  But, what if you didn’t do any of that? What if your traveling goal was just to go wherever you felt like going, and you didn’t care about hotels, apartments, means of transportation or even which places to visit?


That’s how I wanted to travel. Freely.


I knew I wanted to go to the United States, so I got in touch with a couple of American friends and asked them for some advice. The plan was to travel across the country for as long as possible (legally) and visit as many cities as I could. There was no specific route or schedule, though. I wanted to let myself go to America and experience it without constraints. Accommodations? That was something I could sort out along the way.


My trip started in Miami, FL. My American friend who lived there was really generous, took good care of me, and let me crash on her couch for a few days. I had to get ready before hitting the road. I gathered as much information about the country as I could, and finally, left Miami to start crossing the US from east coast to west coast.

Couchsurfing is an extremely useful online community when it comes to adventurous traveling. All you have to do is go online, decide where you’re going, contact a local, and ask him/her to host you. You will save money and make friends along the way!


Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana… American southern hospitality is definitely a thing. I met really cool people and had a great time, especially in New Orleans. I even got to visit the Tabasco factory on Avery Island in the swamps! Why, you ask?

Because when you have no plans at all, you take the chances that present themselves before you. You either decide to jump in and enjoy the ride, or the train leaves and it may never come back.


Keeping an open mind at all times will help you enjoy your travels. You have to leave your fears at home and be willing to experience the unknown.


When I got to Texas after a long bus ride, I was already in love with the state. Without a doubt, the Lone Star state has the biggest sky I’ve ever seen, no kidding! Blue and huge. Absolutely beautiful, and not to be missed.


The adventure had just begun. I could feel it.

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