All the FAQs You Need!

Is registration free?
Yes, 100% free

Where do I register for an account?
Visit the Registration Page to sign up.

How do I gain access to my Free Level Test, Premium Lessons, and Demo Reading Lesson? 
Once you create an account you will immediately have access to all free content on the My Courses Page. Click the ‘Start Now’ button under Free Premium Lessons.

How do I buy a course?
Click on the course you are interested in and add it to your cart. If you want to add more to your cart, go back to shopping. When you are finished, proceed to checkout.

How long are Online Courses available?
Online courses are available up to 90 days from date of purchase. More time can be purchased if need be, just contact us.

How long do Group Classes last?
Small group classes last for 6 weeks.

How long do Private Lessons last?
Private lessons do not have a time limit.

How can I schedule a small group class or private lesson?
During the checkout process you will be able to choose the days and times you would like to schedule class.

Are there any prerequisites to join the Group Classes? 
Yes, before you are approved for group classes, you MUST complete your FREE LEVEL TEST. This can be found on your Account page under FREE LEVEL TEST. A brief conversation on Skype with the teacher is also strongly encouraged.

Where can I find my Free Level Test?
After you log in, navigate to the ACCOUNT PAGE and click “Free Premium Lessons.”

How can I pay?
English Everywhere accepts payments through PayPal and accepts most major credit cards.

Do you offer course refunds?
Yes, refunds are only available within SEVEN (7) days of purchase provided no units are marked complete. If any units are marked completed, a refund will not be given.

If you still have more questions, contact us or visit our chat option!