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Here's what you already know about speaking English

  • Learning is a commitment.
  • Consistent practice is key.
  • Making simple grammar errors is embarrassing.
  • Confidence comes before fluency.

Here's why this speaking course is different...

  • You’re busy. The class is an hour and a half a week, for six weeks. You can do that!
  • There are enough online materials to have you practicing every day of the week.
  • Addressing common mistakes and correcting them helps you speak with greater confidence.
  • Speaking practice builds your awareness and confidence, and then fluency develops!
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This is the English speaking course you've been looking for!

  • You need to build your English communication skills for work, travel, and life.
  • You’re nervous to talk, because you know you make basic mistakes.
  • Sometimes you can’t find the right word, so you get shy and stop talking.
  • You want to take a class that is convenient and consistent, but doesn’t take a lot of your free time.
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Meet your language trainer

Hi, I’m Andrea! For over 15 years I’ve been helping people improve their command of English. For both work and social situations, I know that you want to feel comfortable with your ability to communicate in English. I’ve lived abroad, so I know how frustrating and embarrassing it is to be unable to communicate well. Don’t worry, I can help!

You will always have the opportunity to ask me questions, in class and online!

How does the course work?

The class meets online for 1.5 hours, once a week for six weeks. There are 3-5 hours of online language practice a week.

Here are the basics:

  • We discuss the reading and new vocabulary.
  • I help correct your grammar and pronunciation errors .
  • I teach a common grammar error and share online practice.

Each week we discuss a reading text that you study online, independently, before class. This includes online practice of new vocabulary and reading comprehension questions. Since the group class focuses on your speaking practice, I will give you questions to think about before we meet. We will discuss them, as well as grammar, in class online. The grammar topic will be different each week. We will address, correct, and practice the most common mistakes so that you won’t continue to make them!

Language learning the 21st century way!

This class is more than just a regular English conversation class. It also practices super important skills for today’s world. Like…

critical thinking skills:
providing examples & making inferences
comparing & contrasting
paraphrasing & summarizing
understanding cause & effect
reading skills and strategies:
reading for gist & details
vocabulary through context
chunking & predicting
scanning & skimming

You’ll have to actively participate to get the most out of this course. Get ready! Because you’ll learn more than just the language of English but also important skills for school, work, and life.

Take a look inside the Reading Course!

Take a look inside the Reading Course!

Classes Starting in November!

includes 6 weeks of 90 minute small group speaking classes, full access to the Reading Course, and all class materials!

Wait! There's more...

You receive these free resources with sign up!

  1. Parts of Speech eBook
  2. Vocabulary Terms eBook
  3. Reading Skills & Strategies and Critical Thinking Skills eBook
  4. Certificate of Course Completion
  5. Access to English Everywhere’s Community Facebook Group