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Help your employees to communicate clearly and confidently!

Strong language skills boost leadership and teamwork

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Language barriers in the workplace lead to…

  • negative guest experiences
  • bad working relationships
  • poor productivity
  • high employee turnover

Train, Retain, Repeat

As the population of Central Florida continues to rise, hire and retain the best workforce possible with professional English language coaching services.

The most motivated employees are the ones who clearly recognize that improving their English skills will help them with occupational performance, working relationships, and job promotions. Improved language skills decreases negative guest experiences and increases productivity. Help your organization and its employees to reach their full potential!

Results That Matter Most

If your team needs to improve their English language skills and build their confidence, lessons must:

  • be tailored to your industry
  • be structured in a work context
  • incorporate real life materials/situations
  • be focused
  • use error correction and assessment

I use a variety of teaching methods, appealing to all learning styles and levels in order to maximize language retention. Lessons are always student-centered and focus on clear communication.

Equip Your Employees with 21st Century Skills

Two critical elements overlooked by instructors in business English classes are critical thinking skills and cultural intelligence.

By 2020, critical thinking will be the second most important skill for a worker to have. Lessons incorporate problem solving and critical thinking skills, so learners have an opportunity to practice and improve in a work context. A valuable employee is one who can think fast on their feet!

Bring Unity into the Workplace

Cultural intelligence addresses a person’s ability to work well with others who are culturally different from themselves. Lesson address not just communication, but also cultural issues in the workplace that staff might be unaware of. Typical work situations that involve cultural, as well as linguistic, miscommunication are incorporated into learning materials.

Meet the Trainer!

For over 15 years, I have been training employees to improve their English language skills at work. Like them, I have lived and worked overseas, so I understand their communication challenges. Like you, I have managed an international team and seen first hand how investing in people is one of the best ways to build employee loyalty and trust. I design all courses to specifically meet your organization’s objectives as well as your staff’s needs. Whether it is greeting customers, answering questions, or reporting problems, all lessons focus on active communication to build workers’ accuracy and confidence.

Get the best out of your employees by investing in them.

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