Online Reading Course Demo

Online Reading Course Demo

FREE Reading Course Demo Lesson

You made it! Welcome!

This lesson is a demonstration, or example, of the Online Reading Course. This lesson includes:

  • a reading text
  • vocabulary terms with online practice
  • comprehension questions that test reading skills
  • comprehension questions that test critical thinking skills

This reading demo unit will check your ability to

  • learn vocabulary through context
  • paraphrase
  • interpret and analyze
  • make a conclusion
  • summarize (find the main idea)

The Online Reading Course has over 4,300 words to read, over 100 new words and phrases to learn, and over 60 comprehension questions to test your critical thinking and your reading skills!

With the Online Reading Course, you also get the following FREE:

  • Parts of Speech .pdf download
  • Complete Vocabulary List .pdf download
  • Reading Skills and Strategies & Critical Thinking Skills .pdf download
  • Access to English Everywhere’s Community Facebook Group
  • Certificate of course completion (upon satisfactory completion of all coursework)

Follow the link for more information on the full Online English Reading Course.