English Reading Course - B2+

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English Reading Course – B2+

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This English reading course is for B2 (high intermediate) level students and higher. The course consists of 6 reading units that you finish independently, at your own speed.


This English Reading Course is for B2 (high intermediate) level students and higher. The reading course consists of 6 units. Each unit has a long, extensive text OR shorter, intensive texts. The intensive readings are timed, forcing you to think fast!

All English reading texts have online questions that test your reading and critical thinking skills.

Vocabulary lists and online exercises are also included in each unit.

This course will improve your critical thinking skills, as well as your reading strategies and skills.

What This English Reading Course Offers:

This course will teach you to use the following critical thinking skills:

  • providing examples
  • making inferences
  • comparing and contrasting
  • paraphrasing
  • understanding cause and effect
  • summarizing
  • analyzing and evaluating information

This course will also teach you to use the following reading skills and strategies:

  • reading for gist
  • reading for details
  • learning vocabulary through context
  • chunking
  • predicting
  • scanning
  • skimming

In this English reading course, there are over 4,300 words to read, over 100 new words and phrases to learn, and over 60 comprehension questions to test your critical thinking and your reading skills.

In addition, you also receive these FREE 

  • free Parts of Speech download
  • free Vocabulary List download
  • free Reading Skills and Strategies & Critical Thinking Skills download
  • free access to English Everywhere’s Community Facebook Group
  • free certificate of course completion (upon satisfactory completion of all coursework)

Unit Topics:

Unit 1 | Design

Unit 2 | Travel

Unit 3 | Entertainment

Unit 4 | Career

Unit 5 | New Media

Unit 6 | Health and Wellness

This reading course can be combined with Small Group Classes or Private Lessons.

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