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Unify Your Team Through Clear Communication

From the warehouse to the boardroom, English Everywhere will help you develop your English language skills to improve job performance, employee relations, and job retention. Personalized lessons and innovative teaching methods build confidence by framing all lessons in a business context, relating directly to job responsibilities and performance expectations. The goal is to increase learners communication skills in order to function more effectively in the workplace with management, clients, and coworkers. Because ultimately, your success is OUR success, too!


Classes take place on location or online, depending on the learners’ preferences.


Classes are for individuals or groups, depending on the number of learners and their levels.


Classes can take place during typical work hours or after 5 pm, depending on the learners’ schedules.

Don't let language barriers in the
workplace lead to…

poor productivity

bad working relationships

high employee turnover

For Employers

Hire and retain the best workforce Central Florida has to offer with professional English language coaching services.

The most motivated employees are the ones who clearly recognize that improving their English skills will help them with occupational performance, working relationships, and potential promotions. Help your organization and its employees to reach their full potential!

For Employees

Investing in your employees promotes loyalty, teamwork, and improves overall job performance.

All lessons:

  • are created for your industry
  • are structured in a work context
  • incorporate real life materials/situations
  • are focused
  • use error correction and assessment

I use a variety of dynamic teaching methods, appealing to all learning styles and levels in order to maximize language retention. Lessons are always student-centered and focus on clear communication.

Did you know?

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020 the top two most important jobs skills will be complex problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. These important skills are incorporated into English Everywhere’s lessons, so learners have an opportunity to practice and improve in a work context.

Typical work situations often involve cultural, as well as linguistic, miscommunication. Examples of these breakdowns in communication are incorporated into learning materials, as well as cultural aspects of working in a new country. We strive to train learners to work effectively with others who are culturally different from themselves. English Everywhere builds this useful skill into lessons. Better to learn American business culture in a safe environment before misunderstandings become an issue!

Bring Unity into the Workplace

Professional language training will build bridges instead of walls in the workplace. Don’t let language barriers be the reason for failing at job performance. Improved English communication skills will help managers lead more efficiently and workers be more productive. Miscommunication shouldn’t be a reason for clients to complain. Improve your organization’s overall performance with professional language training.

Meet the Trainer!

As a certified TESOL language trainer, I have been helping employees improve their English language skills at work for over 15 years. I have lived and worked overseas, so I understand the communication challenges a person must face on a daily basis. I have also managed international teams of employees and seen first hand how investing in people is one of the best ways to build loyalty, trust, and teamwork.

Get the best out of your employees by investing in them.

– Andrea H.

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