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Miscommunication in the
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  • poor productivity
  • unnecessary job loss

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Focused Lessons that Maximize Results

If you need to improve your English language skills and build your confidence, lessons must:

  • be tailored to your industry
  • be structured in a work context
  • incorporate real life materials/situations
  • be focused
  • use error correction and assessment

In class, I use varied teaching methods to appeal to all learning styles and levels, maximizing your retention.

About Me

For over 15 years, I have been helping employees improve their English language skills at work. Like you I have lived and worked overseas, so I understand your communication challenges. I also know that it IS possible to learn another language fluently Motivation, dedication, and a great teacher are what you really need!

Invest in yourself and your future.

– Andrea H.

Are You Equipped with 21st Century Skills?

Two critical elements often overlooked by instructors in business English classes are critical thinking skills and cultural intelligence. To stay competitive in today’s job market, you need to practice and perfect them both.

By 2020, critical thinking will be the second most important skill for a worker to have. I use lessons that incorporate problem solving and critical thinking skills, so you have an opportunity to improve in a work context.

Did You Know?

The 10 Most Important Job Skills for 2020

Become a Real Team Player

Cultural intelligence addresses a person’s ability to work well with others who are culturally different from themselves. Typical work situations that involve cultural, as well as linguistic, miscommunication are incorporated into learning materials. This way, you learn about different business cultures and how to adapt to them.

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