Who Are We?

Hi there! I’m Andrea, your English teacher!

I can teach you how to communicate your ideas and really impress people with your English fluency skills.
It’s so easy to learn with my online lessons because you can study anytime, anywhere. You have the option to study independently, or you can study in a small group with ME! You will use what you learn in the online course to connect with other English speakers around the world.
If you want to study with the best English learning method that includes premium digital lessons in an independent online learning system, this is the place to be!
If you’re ready to join the English Everywhere online learning community and build your English speaking confidence, let’s go!

About English Everywhere

I started English Everywhere after working for 15 years in several different Intensive English Schools in Europe and the United States. As a teacher and an Academic Director, I was dissatisfied with the outdated curriculum being used. It didn’t address the concerns and issues of modern, 21st century learners. I felt that students were missing something.
These days, having strong critical thinking skills and high cultural intelligence are what differentiate a person from their colleagues, in university or at work.
I decided to create English Everywhere to make it easy for learners all over the world to improve their English fluency. Online courses can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere that has wifi, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Learners also have the opportunity to share their ideas in small group classes with people from around the world. I have seen students from different cultures and backgrounds connect and build lasting friendships.

I take pride in my clear and direct teaching style. I’m also passionate about motivating and inspiring learners, past and present, as they navigate through life.
My hope for you is to improve your English fluency, your critical thinking skills, and your cultural intelligence while learning lots of new and interesting things. When we are able to think and express ourselves more clearly, there will be better understanding in the world.