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To survive and thrive in an international economy, English is essential in overcoming language barriers.

Improve your speaking confidence, listening comprehension, and vocabulary for work with English Everywhere’s personalized lessons. Study one-on-one with the teacher or in a group. You can choose classes online or on-site, at your home or work. Study with me and I’ll help improve job performance and decrease miscommunication!

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PRIVATE BUSINESS ENGLISH LESSONS The fastest way to fluency is with private lessons! If you need to improve your vocabulary for your job, increase your speaking confidence and fluency then private lessons are for you. All lessons focus on your learning needs in the context of your work. Make the most of your time and investment by focusing on only what you need.

GROUP BUSINESS ENGLISH CLASSES In group classes you have the benefit of learning and sharing with others who are working and using English. Classes incorporate the communicative approach, which means students spend the majority of class talking. Lessons are student-centered and focus on the needs of the sectors learners work in.

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Hi, I'm Andrea!

I am a TESOL certified English Language Trainer with a Masters Degree and over 15 years of experience as an instructor and administrator. I have taught business English to learners from all over the world working in diverse job sectors. Classes are always dynamic and student-centered, focusing on the learners’ needs first. I guarantee that your confidence and communication skills will improve with language training from English Everywhere!

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